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Thread: Porche Wheels on a Beetle?

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    Porche Wheels on a Beetle?

    Hi. I am quite new to beetles (please be gentle!).

    I have dreamed of making a Herbie (how original) replica and recently bought this 1970 model to do the job . Yes I know It needed to be a 63 really but it has most of the early parts there and a ragtop of sorts and shes a solid car due to the new floor pan and hearter channels 3 years ago. Now my question is this:

    Can anyone identify the wheels fitted?
    I am told by the nice guys at Dub Works who sold it to me that they are Porche alloys.

    To make my car more movie accurate I need to fit either standard 5 stud VW wheels (up to 68) or 5 stud racing types as seen in monte carlo etc (15x6 smoothies?)

    I would be looking to take the existing wheels off and fit herbie accurate ones.

    The car was taken directly to a bodyshop (Terry Blake) for restoration and currently I have no idea if the it has 4 or 5 stud drums (being a 1970 I assume 4 stud) but if these are Porche alloys would the wheels be 5 stud?

    Any help/advice on the parts required to change the wheels greatly appreciated!

    I am also looking for a set of wheels if anyone has any?

    And yes the Porche wheels will be available once I have located a VW set.
    Photo of my beetle with the Porche wheels

    Over to you... Cheers!
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    Photos of the different types of Herbie wheels I am looking for any!


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    your wheels are just wide standard 4x130 wheels. probably 5.5" wide ,with pre 67 hubcaps.
    they are steel wheels, not alloys.

    who ever has told you they are porsche wheels, i think you need to go elsewhere.

    to get the desired look (pre 66 steels) you either need to change the drums to 66-67 only (5x205 pattern)
    or run adaptors, or what may be best, is to weld up the slots on your existing wheels.
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